We are committed to establish your online business and help you to make money.
Forget all the cheap offers and the fancy and confusing web design options/components offered by big web design companies. They are interested in building their own business, not yours.
We will help you concentrate on what is important to you, - YOUR BUSINESS. We will create a website that works!

We offer you a complete package including domain name, unique web design and hosting for AUD $1200, - operational in two weeks. General Search Engine submission is also included, as well as minor modifications and/or site updates.

Our price structure proves that an online presence is now well within reach of every business.

If you have any questions please contact us or continue reading about the importance of securing your domain name.


ADomain Name Registration

What is a Domain Name?
A Domain Name is simply your way of protecting your business in the online world and it stops unauthorised entities taking your valuable asset - your identity and reputation.

A Domain Name (www.yourbusiness.com.au) gives you a unique address, It allows you to get your own company e-mail (name@yourbusiness.com.au) - if you donít own the domain name you canít get e-mail addresses in your business name.

It is important to secure your Domain Name(s) even
if you do not have a web site.

Your first step is to check if your name is available.
If it is available you should register it immediately before somebody else does!

Type in the name you need, select domain type and click on the Find Domain button.

BDesign and Development

By working closely with you, we can design a package to suit your exact requirements, cutting down unnecessary costs. Whether that is a one page personal site, or a business site with secure
e-commerce, JS Artline can help you.

Visit the Services section for available packages and/or web design components.

Please contact us


What is hosting?
Hosting is when your web site is placed on a computer system that is connected to the Internet, 24/7. All of the data and pictures used to create and display your web site would then be completely accessible to the entire world all the time.

Finding the right hosting company is not easy and it is also time consuming. To find quality and value for money is even harder.

Fast and reliable hosting is included in our packages, so you do not need to worry about it.



Domain Prices

  • com.au $66 for 2 years
  • net.au $66 for 2 years
  • org.au $44 for 2 years
  • asn.au $55 for 2 years
  • co.nz $49.50 per year
  • net.nz $49.50 per year
  • com $33 per year
  • net $33 per year
  • biz $33 per year
  • info $33 per year
  • DomainPlus $22 per year
    [email & web forwarding]


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